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HadronV3 PCB

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Note this is a PCB only item, for the full kit, go to here

  • STM32F303, an ARM cortex-M4 32 bit processor running at 72mhz with 256kb of flash

  • Multi-socket support, solderless installation for either MX (with or without optional plate kit) or choc (kailh low profile) switches

  • Black core PCB with transparent mask to show off the copper traces

  • USB-C

  • Built-in speaker

  • White OLED display

  • RGB underglow

  • Haptic feedback (yes that cellphone-like rumble can now let you know that you are at the actuation point)

Powered by QMK firmware

What comes in the kit:

  • Hadron Version 3 PCB

*** For full keyboard kit, purchase it here

EU proxy: Mykeyboard.eu

Note: This is a pre-order, product will ship once manufacturing is completed. Groupbuy will close Feb 24, 2019. - extended to Mar 3, 2019

Expected ship date: June 2019

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