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DOXish PCB design

DOXish PCB design

In 2011, my beloved Apple keyboard that came with my iMac got destroyed when I spilled a bottle of acetone. I set out to find the “perfect keyboard". That’s when I stumbled upon geekhack.org.

I bought a p0ker, but was unhappy with the lack of customization. Right around that time Dox posted his pcb ideas on geekhack. I picked up kicad and made my first keyboard. the DOXish, a 60% board powered by a teensy 2.0 + TMK and fits in the p0ker case.



I continued to make one-of PCB boards for friends and myself, and dabbled in various other aspects of the keyboard hobby (metal switch, plates, artisans). In 2017, I had set out to make the thinnest mechanical keyboard possible and started designing the first hadron using cherry ML switches. The post sort of blew up over a couple days and the community seems to want a group buy for it.

But due to my inexprience and a bad QA team at the manufacturer, I was able to only push out a small batch and was looking at a few dozen inoperable PCBs and hundreds of dollars in losses. Around the same time Jack from olkb.com reached out to see if I was interested in collabrating to create a low proflie board using the newly released choc switches from Kailh. This project got me connected with all the wonderful people on the QMK community and gave me a new confidence in creating great keyboards.